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There are simple plumbing issues that you can handle on your own, and there are others that are too complex and can only be handled by London Electrition.

Let’s discuss seven scenarios that may necessitate you to call professional plumbers in London;

  1.   Clogged drains

If your pipes won’t drain even after you’ve plunged or poured baking soda and vinegar, you need to seek a professional plumber in North London to inspect and fix the problem.

Drainage problems in your bathtub drain, sink, or shower may be caused by grease buildup, soap, hair, or foreign items getting stuck somewhere in between the pipes. An experienced plumber may also seek to determine if you have any of these potential causes:

  Invasive roots – Tree and plant roots can overgrow and make their way inside pipes, causing a blockage.

  Offset pipes – with time, the ground under your house may settle and shift. Old concrete and clay pipes tend to move with it, and if the pressure forces them upward, gravity may not favour water flow.

  1.   Reduced water pressure

Did you experience a sudden drop in water pressure? This is a sign that your plumbing system could have any of these problems. One of your pipes may be having a sudden water leak, or the flow from the main waterway could be clogged with mineral deposits.

Finding the reason behind this annoying problem might be too challenging, especially if you can’t fix it on your own. In case you experience a sudden water pressure drop, do not hesitate to call a professional plumbing contractor.

  1.   Rust-coloured water

When your water gets a rusty taste or colour, this indicates the presence of iron. Although this is not a major problem as rust-coloured water is still considered safe to use and drink, rusty water means that there are plumbing pipes in your water system that needs to be replaced. Also, it could indicate you need to invest in a new water heater. And in extreme cases, it may indicate your water is not safe.

Irrespective of the case, you shouldn’t take any chances. If the water coming from your faucets gets a rusty taste or colour, just call a professional plumber to have your water system checked.

  1.   Sewer odours

Have you suddenly started smelling a sewer odour in your house or outdoor? If so, contact qualified plumbers North London as soon as possible. This is normally a sign of blocked drains or sewer line problems. Without prompt repairs, you risk experiencing sewage back up in your home.

  1.   The sound of running water

If you start to hear water running behind your walls even when the bathroom or kitchen faucets are not in use, this means there is a leak somewhere.

Under normal circumstances, you should not hear water running. Therefore, call an experienced plumber in Essex to have your water system checked for leakage before the problem worsens.

  1.   Your house has run out of water

If you don’t have water in your home, this may indicate a major leak somewhere. Considering that most pipes are underground or behind walls, this can be a severe problem that requires a professional inspection.

Call a plumber immediately and have them check where the problem might be.

  1.   Gurgling of water

This occurs when there is something blocking water in the pipe leading to the laundry machine, dishwasher, or toilet. Gurgling water indicates the drain is semi-clogged and is trying to get air.

If you notice this, turn off the water and call a professional plumber.


Never ignore any plumbing problem, as it can turn serious within a short time if fixed incorrectly or left unfixed.

The best way to handle plumbing problems is to call professional drainage contractors!

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